This page outlines MTW Aerospace, Inc. requirements that it’s QMS approved vendors must meet or exceed in order to ensure that our customers receive the level of products and services that they require in regards to quality, safety, reliability, and service. These standards ensure compliance with the AS9120A standard.

Record Retention
All QMS approved vendors shall establish and maintain records of services provided. Records shall be retained for a period of time specified in applicable production specifications, seven years, or as otherwise specified on a per contract basis. Records shall be made available to MTW, its customers, and regulatory agencies upon request.

Certification of Compliance/Special Process
The supplier shall certify in a signed certificate of compliance that all parts, materials, processes, and finished items supplied under a purchase order or contract were inspected, tested, and found to comply with all specifications, drawings, and purchase order requirements with each shipment. The certificate shall also include part number, revision and batch number where applicable, and serial numbers reflected by the certificate.

Foreign Object Debris(FOD)
The supplier shall assure that devices, components, and materials delivered under this purchase order are free of FOD. The supplier shall employ general prevention practices to keep FOD, large or small, from the product and packaging. FOD contamination will be cause for the rejection of material.

Flow-Down Requirements
All QMS approved vendors and suppliers shall inform the organization of any non-conforming product (Such as product deemed beyond economical repair.) and shall obtain the approval from MTW Aerospace Inc. before product disposition. The vendors shall also notify MTW Aerospace Inc. to any changes in supplies, facility location, and changes in product. This is achieved through regular vendor audits. Before the purchase of any product, MTW Aerospace Inc. will ensure that the Vendor’s employees are aware that products being purchased from them must conform to the industry’s standard applicable to that product. The Vendor’s employees must be made aware that the product must meet industry safety standards to ensure the safety of the customers who will eventually use the product. The Vendor’s employees must be made aware that ethical behavior is paramount to MTW Aerospace Inc. and the discovery of any unethical behavior is unacceptable.

Change in Product or Process Details
All QMS approved vendors shall notify MTW of any changes in the product and/or processes used in the manufacture or processing of the product. MTW reserves the right for approval of the product, parts, and/or materials used, processes performed, or equipment utilized in fulfilling an MTW purchase order

Right of Access
All QMS approved vendors agree to the right of access and entry for MTW, its customers, or regulatory agencies into all facilities and access to all records, at any level of the performance of the purchase order or contract upon request.

Calibration System
All QMS approved vendors shall maintain a calibration system that meets the requirements of AS9120A.

All QMS approved vendors shall hold all information received from MTW in confidence and no third party requests for information will be authorized unless approved by MTW in writing.

All QMS approved vendors understand that other items may be required in order to maintain their approved status under MTW’s compliance with the AS9120A. All such requirements will be confirmed to the vendors in writing on a per contract/purchase order basis.

All Items Have A 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Unless Otherwise Specified!!!
All Items Will Be Supplied With an MTW Aerospace Material Cert. and Traceability Tag.