Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Does this part come with any guarantee?
Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, all parts sold by MTW Aerospace are sold with a 30-Day money back customer satisfaction guarantee. Our guarantee and return policy as stated on the invoice: "ITEM(S) LISTED ON THIS INVOICE MAY BE RETURNED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS INVOICE FOR A FULL REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE IF UNITS DO NOT FUNCTION TO CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION. RMA# IS REQUIRED FOR ALL RETURNS. UNITS MUST BE RETURNED IN SAME CONDITION AS RECEIVED."

Q2. Is this part guaranteed Repairable of Overhaulable?
See question #1, MTW Aerospace must refer back to our policy as stated in question #1. MTW Aerospace will not make the statement that a part is either Repairable or Overhaulable otherwise we would be obligated to pay any and all cost to make a part fit such a condition, which we will not do. If a customer is not satisfied with a part purchased from MTW Aerospace it may be returned in accordance with the conditions stated in our return policy. See Question & Answer #1

Q3. Does MTW Aerospace cover the freight charges for a part that is being returned for a refund?
No, MTW Aerospace does not cover return shipment freight. Only in the case of a wrong part shipped to the customer in which the fault is that of MTW do we cover freight and we only cover UPS ground shipment fright in that event.

Q4. What time is your shipping cutoff deadline in order to get the part out the same day?
Typically any part ordered by 2:30 PM CST will make same day shipment unless the part requires crating. If same day shipment is mandatory and the part is ordered after this time, additional courier charges may apply but the customer will be advised and in agreement prior to such billing.

Q5. Is there any kind of paperwork included with an As-Removed part that I may purchase from MTW Aerospace?
Yes, all As-Removed parts sold by MTW Aerospace include an MTW Aerospace Traceability Tag. If the part is removed from an aircraft that we have parted-out, the tag will State: The aircraft make, model, serial number, registration number, Aircraft Total Time, Aircraft Total Cycles, the part time and cycles if known, the part number, description and serial number of item and the tag is signed by an A&P Mechanic. If requested MTW Aerospace will produce a Material Cert stating the part identification, the source, incident or non-incident statement along with the former operator and FAR Part category in which the aircraft source was operated under.

Q6. If the part that I am inquiring about includes a Certificate of Conformance, is that an MTW Aerospace C of C?
No. if a part in our inventory is accompanied by a C of C, this is not our document. MTW Aerospace is not a manufacturer. Your MTW Sales Representative can email or fax you any parts documentation within minutes.

Q7. Does MTW Aerospace offer any type of extended warranty on the Overhauled, New Surplus or Serviceable parts that you sell?
No, MTW Aerospace limits our guarantee to the 30-Day customer satisfaction guarantee as stated in question #1, any extended warranty beyond the 30-Day period would fall back on the Overhaul facility, OEM or FAA Authorized Repair Station who tagged the part?

Q8. Where are you located?
MTW Aerospace is located 2 miles west of the Montgomery Regional Airport (Dannelly Field 'MGM') our address is: 7050 Hwy 80 West, Montgomery, Alabama 36108

Q9. How can I pay for the part?
MTW Aerospace accepts the following forms of payment: Master Card, Visa, American Express, Bank Wire Transfer, ACH electronic payment, Check in Advance or COD. Note: For acceptance of a company check as payment of a COD order for customers who are not already approved in our system, a Company Check Acceptance form must be completed, returned and approved prior to shipment, otherwise COD shipments will be for Certified Funds only.

All Credit Card Transactions are Subject to a Credit Card Convenience Fee

(2.5% MC/VISA Card Fee)(3%AMEX Card Fee)

Q10. Can I setup an account for Net-30 terms?
No, MTW Aerospace does not offer open accounts.

Q11. What is the Trace on the part?
See Question & Answer #3 & #4.

Q12. Are your parts Incident Related?
Some of the parts we have in stock are from Incident Related aircraft, all incident related parts within our inventory are strictly controlled, tracked, identified and represented as such.

Q13. Can you send me pictures of the part?
Yes we can send photos, and document copies via email or fax within minutes, just ask.

Q14. What shipping options do you offer?
We offer UPS, FedEx, DHL, R&L, Yellow Freight, UPS Supply Chain Solutions or most any common carrier that you may require who serves the Montgomery Alabama area.

Q15. Can you test the part?
MTW Aerospace can perform some simple tests but only to provide a rough idea of the functionality of a given part and we would be happy to do so but MTW Aerospace is not an FAA Authorized Repair station and does not represent itself as such. Determination of the Serviceability or Airworthiness of any part is the responsibility of the properly licensed installing mechanic or designated inspector of an FAA Authorized Repair Station whom that mechanic works under.

Q16. Your As-Removed condition parts are Serviceable, right?
Refer to Question & Answer #15, MTW Aerospace is not an FAA Authorized Repair Station and does not have the authority to state that a part is Serviceable. We certainly hope that all of the parts we offer are in fact Serviceable and would not sell a part if we can determine that it is UnServiceable. We are limited to and only offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee not a Part Serviceability or Airworthiness Guarantee.

Q17. How can I become a Vendor or Service Provider for MTW Aerospace?

New Vendors are approved by the company President (Phil White). While establishing a vendor relationship is not guaranteed, MTW Aerospace is always looking for Repair/Recertification options as we expand in to new product lines.

Q18. What are the MTW Aerospace Vendor Requirements?

Approved Vendor Flow-Down Requirements(QP-FD)

This page outlines MTW Aerospace, Inc. requirements that it’s QMS approved vendors must meet or exceed in order to ensure that our customers receive the level of products and services that they require in regards to quality, safety, reliability, and service. These standards ensure compliance with the AS9120A standard.

Record Retention

All QMS approved vendors shall establish and maintain records of services provided. Records shall be retained for a period of time specified in applicable production specifications, seven years, or as otherwise specified on a per contract basis. Records shall be made available to MTW, its customers, and regulatory agencies upon request.

Certification of Compliance/Special Process

The supplier shall certify in a signed certificate of compliance that all parts, materials, processes, and finished items supplied under a purchase order or contract were inspected, tested, and found to comply with all specifications, drawings, and purchase order requirements with each shipment. The certificate shall also include part number, revision and batch number where applicable, and serial numbers reflected by the certificate.

Foreign Object Debris(FOD)

The supplier shall assure that devices, components, and materials delivered under this purchase order are free of FOD. The supplier shall employ general prevention practices to keep FOD, large or small, from the product and packaging. FOD contamination will be cause for the rejection of material.

Flow-Down Requirements

All QMS approved vendors shall flow-down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements as required by the purchase order either specifically or by reference. Items that do not conform to the requirements of this contract shall not be shipped to MTW without prior written approval by MTW Quality Assurance or Top Management. Failure to comply may result in return of the shipment at the suppliers expense. Any material supplied under a purchase order or contract which is returned to MTW because of a nonconformance and is subsequently resubmitted by the supplier to MTW shall be accompanied by a written description of the rework accomplished to correct the nonconformance and corrective action taken to prevent recurrence. The supplier shall receive a supplier corrective actions request regarding quality problems with the suppliers products or service. The supplier shall respond appropriately and in a timely manner with the following corrective action; Immediate Correction, Root Cause, and Corrective Action.

Change in Product or Process Details

All QMS approved vendors shall notify MTW of any changes in the product and/or processes used in the manufacture or processing of the product. MTW reserves the right for approval of the product, parts, and/or materials used, processes performed, or equipment utilized in fulfilling an MTW purchase order

Right of Access

All QMS approved vendors agree to the right of access and entry for MTW, its customers, or regulatory agencies into all facilities and access to all records, at any level of the performance of the purchase order or contract upon request.

Calibration System

All QMS approved vendors shall maintain a calibration system that meets the requirements of AS9120A.


All QMS approved vendors shall hold all information received from MTW in confidence and no third party requests for information will be authorized unless approved by MTW in writing.


All QMS approved vendors understand that other items may be required in order to maintain their approved status under MTW’s compliance with the AS9120A. All such requirements will be confirmed to the vendors in writing on a per contract/purchase order basis.