What We Do

As a stocking supplier of aircraft parts to the turbine corporate and commuter aviation industry, MTW Aerospace obtains its stock from the dismantling of complete aircraft, and the purchase of surplus inventories from OEM’s, airlines and corporate maintenance depots. MTW specializes in a broad and expanding product line, we have narrowed our focus only to that of the turbine powered corporate & commuter type aircraft and helicopter industry. By specializing in a category rather than a specific model of aircraft, MTW is more capable of being your Go-To source, whether you're operating a mixed fleet, maintaining and repairing multiple types of aircraft, you are an overhaul shop or technician training school catering to the turbine powered corporate & commuter type aircraft industry.

How We Do it

Whether we fly the aircraft in and dismantle it here or freight the aircraft and/or parts inventory to our facility. All logbooks and documentation are thoroughly reviewed, all TBO component history and documentation are extracted, recorded and packaged with its corresponding component prior to stocking on the shelf. All parts are identified with a Traceability Tag stating the source of the part, if removed from an aircraft the aircraft, make, Mdl, serial, registration #, ACTT, ACTC as well as the part number, serial and description are listed and tag signed by a valid licensed A&P mechanic. In addition to As-Removed condition parts, MTW sends many items out for repair and overhaul allowing MTW to supply Serviceable and Overhauled parts as well with FAA Form 8130-3 and in many cases EASA dual release.

All parts are stocked in our climate controlled warehouses and ready to ship upon order. We consistently enhance our part number database to cross reference alternates, assemblies and sub-assemblies eliminating much of the research work for the customer in order to supply the part they need.

THE Goal

Lets face it, our goal is to sell parts and to sell parts to repeat customers! In order to do so we must instill confidence in MTW by our customers. The goal of our 5 member sales team is to supply you with the part you want and to make sure that you are satisfied with it. Whether you call, fax or email a parts request you can be assured that there is someone on the other end of the line ready to supply you with the part you want. There are no frustrating impersonal automated answering systems here to struggle with, when you contact MTW you will quickly get an on-site sales representative who is eager to help.

Why Buy From Us?

Whether we are inventorying surplus bulk parts or the parts from a dismantled aircraft, all items are entered into our inventory database and ready for instant quote sale and delivery. Unlike some of the other parts suppliers you will not get the answer of “I’ll have to go check and see if we have it, get a price and call you back” - You will get a quote instantly with courteous service from a sales representative who wants you as a repeat customer.

What We Are Not

MTW Aerospace is not an FAA Authorized Repair Station, we are unable to determine the serviceability of a part regardless of its condition. Ultimate determination of serviceability or airworthiness must be made by the mechanic or repair station prior to that part being installed on an aircraft. MTW sales representatives will try by all means possible to accurately represent a part, they will happily email or fax photos and documentation of anything you need in order to assure your satisfaction and confidence. All parts are subject to 4 stages of inspection to assure quality control prior to the item departing from our shipping dock.